Just some thoughts.

Feminism is a noble ideal, yeah. And some women do have it hard compared to others. But it’s not just females that suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders or all that lark. I have personally had more than one moment of thinking “You know what? That speeding car looks like it wants a hug.” We all deal with bullshit in our lives. It isn’t gender exclusive. I could honestly write a book about this in one night but there’s no point in that because people would just think “What a little bitch.” The message of this is pretty simple. We ALL suffer. And we all must work together in order to help each other.


When a kid that’s still in school tries to prove you wrong on something they’ve no knowledge about. Oh yes, because in your second year of comprehensive school you learn all about quantum physics and how the universe works. Never mind the fact that I’ve studied the universe and quantum physics in great depth throughout my four years in comprehensive school and in my free time since I was like eight. So a fourteen year old trying to tell a seventeen year old how shit works. Fucking kids. I forgot how all kids are professors these days. My mistake. Would you like a cup of coffee, Mr. There’s A Sun As Big As The Entire Universe?

A little fact for you all.

I have a fact for you all. We live on the very edge of the Milky Way, so we’re in no immediate danger of black holes just yet. However, in the centre of our galaxy, there is what’s called a Super Black Hole. The black hole itself is the size of the tip of a needle. It will forever remain that size. But around that little needle sized hole is something that could be described best at a vortex that drags nearby things into the hole. Now here’s the scary part.. That part of the black hole is massive and constantly growing by the second. Now our sun is already past its halfway point in its life, so the system has another two and a half billion years of sun at best. Here’s the best part. It’s likely that the black hole in the centre of our galaxy will suck our entire solar system in before that sun goes dark. I don’t expect the human race to continue for that long, I think we’ll destroy ourselves. But just think of that for a moment. That one day, our solar system is going to be utterly fucking demolished by something the size of the tip of a needle. Can you imagine it? The slow, agonisingly painful death that awaits any human that lives here at that time?